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A level Reform


You may already be aware that the government have undertaken a major review of A Levels which have resulted in some significant changes to the current system.


The reforms will make A Levels full two year courses with all the exams taken at the end of year 13 rather than splitting the A Level into two exams with AS level exams in year 12 and A2 level exams in year 13.  Those subjects starting the new courses in September 2017 will continue on the old model where the A Level is split over the two years into AS and A2.


In order to make the transition as simple as possible, the subjects that have and are changing have constructed their courses so that they will teach the year one 40% of the A level up until Easter of Year 12 and start year 2 thereafter which is 60% of the A level.


The other real difference the staggered introduction will make is that whereas the AS exams taken in the old unreformed subjects count towards the final A Level grade and will not be re-examined in year 13, in the new reformed subjects they will not count therefore, exams will only take place in the summer of year 13.



From 2016 BTEC courses will have compulsory written examinations.  Awarding Bodies have stated that whilst a student may do well on the coursework element of their BTEC, they must pass the written examinations to pass the whole course.


Reformed A Levels Timetable at Archbishop Ilsley

First Teaching 2015

First Teaching 2016

First Teaching 2017

English Literature

English Lit/Lang

All Sciences

 History Psychology

Art and Design


 Business Studies




Religious Studies




Product Design