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  • "Jolie" by Hanna Brown
  • "Street" by Caitlin Kiely


Art Competition Winners


Year 10 Art student Emily Keating has been chosen to exhibit one of her paintings at the Gas Hall at Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery.  Well Done Emily!



The Living City


Year 12 Art Students at Archbishop Ilsley are currently following a brief entitled 'The Living City',  which is based on the exhibition of the same name at the Barber Institue by artist Sarah Taylor Silverwood. Mr Morris, Head of Art, contacted sarah, who agreed to answer some questions raised by the Year 12 group.

A copy of the interview can be read here:


Year 11 Moderated Work 2016

 Sixth Form Moderated Work 2016

Year 13 - A Level Art Exam 2016

Art and Fashion Show 2016

Collected Slideshows

GCSE and A Level work by Hannah Brown

Spanish Exchange Students Animation

Learning is Fun

2005-2015 Ten Years of Art at Archies

Year 12 A Level Exam and Coursework 2013-2014

Artist Yr9-10 pupils are studying - Lucy McLaughlan


Artist Yr 9-10 pupils are studying - Papermonster


Portrait Shading Workshop


Sixth Form Artwork 2013


Year 9 B Band Animation


Year 11 Artwork 2012-13


Year 13 - Clay and Plaster Project 2014


Year 13 - A Level Art Exam 2016

Specialist Craft Art Competition Winners
  • "Jolie" by Hannah Brown Yr11
  • "Street" by Caitlin Kiely Yr12
  • "Walker" by Arthur Springthorpe Yr11