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Attendance and Punctuality

Education at Post 16 level is voluntary. Once a student has enrolled on to courses, attendance and punctuality are compulsory. Full attendance at all lessons is essential and students should arrive on time for lessons at 8.45 am. In case of illness, it is important that the school is informed as soon as possible.


There is available to some students who qualify a bursary to help assist their post 16 students. This is means tested and must be applied for. Payment of the bursary will be dependent upon attendance and punctuality.

For ALL students, the situations below denote what can be categorised as authorised and unauthorised absences. Please remember, that attendance is the key to success!

Authorised Absence/Late Unauthorised Absence/Late
This includes:
University Open Days
Religious Observance
A Funeral of a close relative
Driving Test (not lessons)
Hospital Appointment (not doctor or dental appointments)
Careers/Full time Job Interviews
School trips/visits/lectures
Emergency dental/doctor appointments
This includes:
Traffic jams
Toilet visits
Trips to the shops
Part time work
Childminding (unless parental permission is granted and the school notified in
advance) Holidays
Doctors/dental/hairdressing appointments