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Business Studies

Preparing students for employment is at the heart of the business studies department. Business enterprise education is, by its very nature, learning by doing. It is skills based, cross-disciplinary and ideal for personalised learning. With this is mind, we offer students a rich and varied curriculum aimed at developing their business knowledge and skills that will springboard them either into further education or purposeful and rewarding careers.

In the Business department we are not simply aiming to produce a classroom full of Richard Bransons. Rather we strive to develop students who behave and think like entrepreneurs because such skills form a toolkit which they can draw on in later life.

We plan opportunities for students to develop skills such as risk taking, creativity, intuition and negotiation so that students will have the confidence to go against the 'tide' and try something new; in essence think and behave entrepreneurially.

We offer a range of courses to suit students needs and abilities:

KS3 Level 1 Undertaking an Enterprise Project

From September 2013, we will be launching the Prince's Trust XL Level 1 Undertaking an Enterprise Project qualification to Year 9 students. This course will offer our students the chance to work together to achieve goals relating to their education, training and future lives. By working towards this nationally recognised qualification they will be able to gain recognition for achievements which will stay with them and build upon their leaning in other subject areas.


60% controlled assessment 40% examination

We follow the GCSE APPLIED BUSINESS STUDIES course offered by Edexcel. The specification is designed to deepen candidates understanding of the way in which businesses operate in an ever changing and competitive environment.

We contextualise learning where appropriate, giving students the opportunity to interact with businesses so can see theory in action and put leaning into practice.

Students are encouraged to recognise that there is a spiritual, moral, ethical, social and cultural dimension to business decision-making and question business actions.

EdExcel GCE Applied Business

AS Level is 66% Coursework and 33% Examination
A2 Level is 100% Coursework

This interesting and challenging course provides a broad educational basis for further education or for moving into employment within the business sector. Learners develop the skills, knowledge and understanding in realistic business contexts, such as discovering the problems and opportunities faced by businesses and/or organising an enterprise activity. By following a series of units, students will not only put themselves in the shoes of an entrepreneur by 'setting up' their own business, but they will also investigate the theory behind business practices and the financial and legal constraints behind business activities.

BTEC Level 2 First Certificate in Business

25% Examination and 75% Coursework

In September we are launching this 'new look' BTEC Business course which aims to inspire and enthuse learners to consider a career in one of the many business disciplines, such as marketing, finance, sales, recruitment or retail sectors.

By studying eight units which explore the internal and external environments of businesses, students will gain a broad knowledge and understanding of,

and develop skills in, the business sector across each discipline.

This course has clear progression routes either to a more specialised level 3 vocational or academic business course, or an apprenticeship or employment within

a wide range of junior job roles across the business sector. For example,

Marketing Assistant, Business Administrator and Finance Assistant.

This course is run as part of the Springboard programme offered to year 12 students alongside GCSE English, Maths and Level 1 BTEC Work Skills.