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Careers & Work Experience

As a Catholic School, we believe that God has already chosen a path for each of our students.
In the Careers Department it is our aim to help our students discover what that path is to be and to help them develop the skills to manage their way along it.  Within the context of the school mission statement, the department aspires to:

  • Help each student explore various aspects of their own self development
  • Equip each student with the skills that are needed to research different careers
  • Give each student the skills needed to plan their transition from one life stage to another

 As a consequence, it is our aim that throughout their lives, students are able to research alternative careers and make informed career choices.  These aims coincide with the requirements of the ACEG Framework (2012) and other relevant documentation and legislation.

We are happy to state and facilitate the entitlement of all of our pupils to independent and impartial advice and guidance.  We strive to keep up to date with new initiatives and legislation in the field of careers guidance and so currently, for example, we are emphasising the benefits of accessing the National Careers Service, of considering Apprenticeships as a progression route and of using social media to help communication with students, parents and employers.