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Computing @ Ilsley 

Our aim is to encourage pupils to think logically and creatively to solve problems while allowing them to embrace the technology around them to better themselves and the world.

We believe as a department that Computing is the most exciting and relevant subject within the school. We have a skilled team of teachers from different backgrounds that provide simulating and engaging lessons for the ever-changing nature of the subject.

We encourage our students to unlock their full potential in fun and meaningful ways. No matter what stage a pupil is at within their school career they always have the potential to be the next Mark Zuckerberg or Nick D'aloisio.

During their time at Archies pupils will experience visiting the first ever electric Computer “Colossus” at Bletchley Park, take part in Master Class coding days and have the opportunity to program in many different environments that include controlling Lego Mindstorm robots and Raspberry Pi’s.

Whatever a pupils interest, whether it be office IT skills, web/ app design, gaming or programming, we provide a platform to help nurture and facilitate their progress.

At Archies we provide a fun and accessible curriculum to cover topics in both ICT and Computing. In Key Stage 3 we cover topics to engage students in the subject and give them the opportunity to study a broad range of techniques and programs. In Key Stage 4 pupils can choose a GCSE in Computing or GCSE/BTEC ICT.

As a department we have been extremely successful at achieving excellent results at GCSE and A level and are continually developing our teaching and resources to inspire and challenge pupils. In the 2014/15 academic year the Computing department achieved an impressive 82% GCSE pass rate, far above the national average of 66%!