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Computing KS5 Curriculum


Key Stage 5 –

Computer science and Cambridge Technical’s are both studied in Key stage 5 and provide pupils with 2 different path ways of study.

OCR A Level Computing

The Computing course follows the traditional A level format and challenges pupils to think logically and to become competent problem solvers and prepares students for University and the world of work.This specification gives a general grounding in computing, including an understanding of computer systems, the principles of programming, and the solving of problems.

OCR A Level Computing Spec

Cambridge Technicals

Cambridge Technicals focusses much more on the business side of IT and gives pupils a real understanding of how ICT is used within the business world. Students have always been very successful at this course and it helps develop transferable skills for the workplace or future studies

IT is one of the most popular vocational qualifications subjects offered by OCR and the Cambridge Technicals build on the legacy and reputation of the OCR Nationals. IT is at the heart of everyday life, at home, work and in our leisure time from computer graphics and control systems to communications and problem-solving, IT has an ever increasing role to play.

We offer the introductory diploma of 6 Units and the full diploma of 12 units.

Cambridge Technicals Guide