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DT - Key Stage 3


ClockAll pupils study Design and Technology throughout Key Stage 3.The pupils follow a programme that allows them to study different areas of Design and Technology and this provides them with a broad based knowledge and experience of the subject. A typical Year 7 and 8 pupil would study Resistant Materials, Graphics, Design Skills, Systems and Control and Food Technology. Pupils benefit from the different skills and knowledge available from the specialist staff. In year 9, they continue to work in these areas enabling us to choose their GCSE options so that they can work in the subject area that best suits their interests and abilities. 

Assessment for Learning

Pupils are assessed at the end of each term in their specialist area by the use of level ladders. This assessment is based on their practical and folder work. They will also have a written test each term on their knowledge and understanding.


Homework is set via ‘I am learning’ or homework is set every term in the form of a home learning project. Pupils are required to submit a design project, which includes research, design ideas and a model based on a set theme. The use of a drawing board or suitable flat area at home would assist your child to complete design and graphical work. Encourage your child to take a pride in the presentation of their design work.

Resistant Materials and Graphics

The projects involve pupils designing and making a maze game and puzzle using CAD/CAM, a mechanical toy based in workshop and a pop-up book based in Graphics.

Topics covered:
• Workshop procedure and safety
• Understanding of materials – woods, metals and plastics
• Structures
• Mechanisms
• Use of hand tools and machinery
• Line bending and vacuum forming
• Design skills
• Computer Aided Design / Computer Aided Manufacture 

Food Technology

The projects involve pupils designing and making.

Topics covered:
• Health
• Hygiene and safety
• The transference of heat
• Advantages and disadvantages of equipment, eg microwave
• Food and nutrition
• Evaluation skills
Pupils will be asked to bring in ingredients in order to carry out practical work 


The project involves pupils designing and making an electronic product.

Topics covered:
• The Design Process
• The construction of printed circuit boards (P.C.B’s)
• Use of CAD/CAM
• Crocodile Clips and PCB Wizard
• Electronic components, eg transistors, diodes, resistors, capacitors, etc
• Drilling, soldering and packaging 

Below are some examples showing our Year 9 Robot projects.