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DT - Key Stage 4



All pupils will study a full GCSE Design and Technology course called ‘Product Design’. 


The specific subject areas are:


            Resistant Materials







Studying Design & Technology will develop you as a creative problem solver.  You will be researching and evaluating products and processes, engaging in focussed practical tasks to develop ideas, plan and make your own unique designs using a combination of materials and computer aided design and manufacture. It is a subject that requires you to develop many different skills as well as utilising skills from other subjects. You need to measure, calculate and estimate. You need to gather and analyse data. You need to consider options and justify decisions. You will learn to work independently as an individual and in teams to communicate your ideas. Combining practical skills with an understanding of aesthetics, function and moral, cultural and environmental issues in order to design and make quality products in quantity.  Product design will suit anyone wishing to develop both their practical and graphical skills and considering a career in any area of designing and manufacturing.


Pupils will be allocated to work within one of the following specialist areas:


Resistant Materials

Pupils working in this area will have to complete a major design project including a folder of work directly related to the planning of a practical piece of work manufactured from materials such as woods, metals, plastics and compliant materials. Pupils also study and Computer Aided Design / Computer Aided Manufacture.



Graphic Products

Pupils working within this area will have to complete a major design project including a folder of work directly related to the planning and making of a quality graphics product.  This will involve the making of a finished graphic artefact that can include 3D Modelling using card. Pupils also study Food Packaging.



Food Technology

This course will allow pupils to specialise in the focus areas of Food and Food Packaging.  Pupils will learn about a range of materials, manufacturing processes, technique and technologies and be able to use them as appropriate to the design and make process.  Product Design facilitates the development of skills in designing and making in depth.


Assessment for learning

Controlled Assessment                   60%

Internally assessed and externally moderated and consisting of one project that addresses all of the assessment objectives in an integrated way. 

Candidates combine their designing and making skills with knowledge and understanding in order to design and make quality products in their chosen materials.


Written Examination Paper                        40%

Questions will test the application of knowledge and understanding of materials, components, processes, techniques, technologies and the evaluation of commercial practice and products. The paper will test all assessment objectives through TWO sections.  A pre-release sheet will provide candidates with information about a range of products that will be included in the test paper questions.