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Mrs M McNamara – Head of History

Mrs G Giles – Joint Head of History

Mr M Jones – 2nd in History

Mr J Bloomer

Mrs R McMahon

Mr G Alexander

Mr S Tallett

Miss K Houston

Miss F McNamara






History is one of the most popular subjects taught here at Archbishop Ilsley. It is an exciting and very important subject with all lessons being taught by specialist staff. We encourage pupils to be curious about the world which surrounds them by developing and practising problem-solving skills and by enhancing their independent study skills.

Year 7 – What is History, Romans, The Middle Ages, From Slavery to Civil Rights in America

Year 8 – The Tudors, The Stuarts, The Industrial Revolution, Jack the Ripper

Year 9 – World War 1, The Rise of Hitler, World War 2






History is one of the most popular option choices at GCSE. Lessons are taught interactively by specialist staff with a wealth of expertise. A significant number of pupils continue their study of History to A level and an impressive number pursue the discipline at university.

Year 10 – Liberal Welfare Reforms, Suffragettes, Home Front in WW1, Germany

Year 11 – USA, The Cold War





A Level – Russia, Britain, USA