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Invitation to parents of year 11 Students

Invitation to parents of year 11 Students

Click here to download the invitation letter from Mr Bloomer.

15th April 2016

Dear Parents of Year 11 students,

Our students have now completed their final set of Pre-Public Examinations and their teachers will complete the marking and assessments in the next few days. This will give the students and yourselves a really strong picture of exactly what still needs to be done to achieve success in the actual exams, which start on Tuesday 3rd May.

When we invited you in to share the results in January, many parents said it was a really useful and informative evening, so we are going to repeat it for this set of practise exam results.

Your support at this crucial stage will make the biggest single contribution to their success in the summer. You know how critical exam grades are in our increasingly competitive world of work – and I know they will want to make you proud!
Therefore, I would like to invite you to join us on Tuesday 26th April at 6:30 pm, in the main hall.

As in January, we will give you a full breakdown of the latest predictions based on exam performance and completed coursework and controlled assessments. Also, you will be able to pick up your child’s final report from their form tutors.

I will run through the final arrangements for lessons, where we will make slight alterations to the timetable to offer our students the maximum appropriate subject support. I will also give details about revision sessions that take place over the half-term break and during the exam schedule, as well as the details of the leavers’ Mass and celebration of five years at Ilsley and Prom details etc.

All of the preparation already put in will have laid a great foundation for success in these exams, but it must continue to be supplemented with loads of revision and past paper practise in the time remaining.

I know it has been a challenging time for all of the students but they have risen to it and shown just how capable they are. If they can keep this up, with your support and our guidance, I am confident they will go on to achieve some outstanding results when they open their envelopes on Thursday August 25th!

They are a great credit to themselves and their families and we all wish them every success now and in the future and look forward to welcoming many of them back into out Sixth Form in September.

Yours sincerely,

Mr. B. Bloomer
Deputy Headteacher