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Message From Prefect Team

Message From Prefect Team

What Went Well Last Term

Sadly Christmas has come and gone, meaning we are back to school and preparing for our
immanent exams. Should you be eager to find out when they fall prior to the official
timetables being issued the information can be found online. Before steam rolling into this
term we would like to bring to your attention some of Sixth Form’s achievements last term.

Perhaps our most notable success was the annual OAP party, organised by the Prefects with
the help of Mrs O’Neill and the Food Technology department, and set-up, cooked and
served by Year 12. Although the party is always something which makes our Sixth Form
stand out, this year it was described as the “best yet” by many in the hall who were already
looking forward to receiving next year’s invite!

We organised numerous fundraising events for various charities affiliated with our Sixth
Form last term too. Beginning the year with a sponsored cycle for the charity Sewa, we then
donated food parcels to families in the community and Father Hudson’s in preparation for
Hamper mass. The popular and thoroughly entertaining Christmas Quiz raised £115 for our
Sixth Form charity, Birmingham Children’s Hospital, which made ‘Alexander and the Greats’
victory somewhat more bearable. Alongside this, we raised money for Text Santa which
supports Macmillan Cancer Support, Make-A-Wish and Save the Children respectively. Our
largest sum of £160 was raised to support the families of members of our Sixth Form who
have recently lost loved ones. All of these endeavours to help communities far and wide
embody the spirit of Archbishop Ilsley’s Sixth Form, something we should all be immensely
proud of and be aiming to build upon in subsequent terms.

A ‘Sixth Form vs Teachers’ football match also took place last term. Although a resounding
7-0 defeat for our team, it was still an exciting game and one we are sure will be arranged
again, even if only to settle the score!

Towards the end of last term many in Year 13 applied to university and quickly received
offers. We want to wish them and anyone who has opted for a different course after Sixth
Form the very best of luck with the rest of their applications.

The final achievement we want to celebrate is Celebration Evening which awarded our
current Year 12s and last year’s Year 13 cohort for success in their exams. Our Oscars
themed evening was a chance to publically congratulate and reward pupils for hard work,
dedication and outstanding results. We hope to replicate the success of this evening with
our summer celebrations which include the rest of the school.

We look forward to planning and organising more social and charity events shortly and
would like to wish you every success this coming term and throughout 2016.

The Prefect Team