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Modern Foreign Languages


Aims and objectives of our department:


The department aims to enable students to learn one or more modern foreign language in a lively and stimulating environment, and to contribute as fully as possible to the success of the whole school in its service to the students.


As a motivated, creative and encouraging team of teachers, our aims are:


·         to help increase self confidence

·         to motivate students by providing enjoyable learning experiences

·         to counter prejudice and insular attitudes

·         to offer insight into and contact with other cultures

·         to promote a variety of study skills and learning styles

·         to provide opportunities for pupils to interact socially in a variety of situations



Our specific aims are to:


·         equip students with a life skill and provide a sense of achievement by enabling them to use foreign language for themselves

·         provide a sense of individual worth by allowing students to perform to the best of their abilities

·         instil pleasure and challenge in learning that will encourage students to continue in education beyond the age of 18

·         enable students to work harmoniously in pairs or groups, as well as individually

·         enable students to compare and contrast their own society with that of another country and in doing so, break down prejudices that may be held against foreign cultures and traditions


The language learner’s key skills are:




·         USE OF ICT