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Our School Chapel

We are proud to introduce Archbishop Ilsley school chaplaincy to you and to give you a flavour of the extra-ordinary things that happen here on a daily basis.

 Chaplaincy is about "wasting" time with people. It is an important and prophetic witness to their value - before they ever achieve any targets or pass any exams. It may not be understood by all those in the school community but it is part of the school’s witness and response to the Gospel.

 The Chaplaincy does not have a fixed curriculum like the rest of the school. It responds to what people feel they need.

 The Chaplaincy is about listening to needs: the needs people mention and also the unspoken ones. It is about connecting people with others, matching needs and gifts in the Ilsley community and helps connect the school community to the wider community of neighbourhood and a world-wide church; It challenges the school community to live up to a Gospel that values people as daughters and sons of God; celebrates life, success, achievement, loss and tragedy.

 The role of chaplaincy involves supporting and developing what is most precious at the heart of the school community and each person within it. In a catholic community this means placing the person at the centre of all that happens. In the words of the Gospel: "I have come that they might have life and have it to the full." This applies to all the school community, students, teaching staff as well as support staff.

 Parish Links from September 2013

At least 8 parishes are represented among the students at Archbishop Ilsley.
The Chaplaincy is available to each of these parishes to help clergy to make on-going contact with their parishioners through the chaplaincy base.
Parish priests are always welcome to visit the school and drop into the chaplaincy.
In addition, clergy can contact any of the chaplaincy team to promote parish events or to gain help to communicate with their younger parishioners.

Other Activities
  • Transition links with each primary school
  • Support with Sacraments of Initiation and Reconciliation
Our identity as a Roman Catholic school and the inspiration we receive from the life of the Church and our founder, Archbishop Ilsley shapes our ethos and spirit, placing the developing student at the centre of everything we do.
As a Roman Catholic school we have a commitment to ensuring that our faith underpins all that we do in school. We aim to provide an environment which is secure, stable and orderly, based on the Gospel values of love, peace, justice and personal responsibility. All members of the community benefit from being part of the Catholic community which brings unique opportunities to enrich the lives of our young people.
Our last Archdiocesan Section 48 Inspection stated that “students and parents are glowing in their praise for the warmth and inclusive welcome that is found in this vibrant faith community. All share a set of common values, which is based on respect and care for every individual as special in the eyes of God, regardless of differing faiths or none. Pupils’ participation in collective worship and their response to the invitation to pray is excellent, particularly when it is voluntary and student led. The response to collective worship is excellent. They are prayerful, reverent and willing participants in the spiritual and liturgical life of the school. Their response to voluntary Masses or prayer opportunities is exemplary, and they themselves run weekly prayer times, such as novenas before major feasts, in the well-used school chapel. Every student Catholic or non-Catholic takes responsibility in turn for the preparation and leading of daily prayer in tutor groups, preparing and leading assembly, and serving at Masses. The prayer life of the school benefits enormously from the chaplaincy. “(Inspection document 2009)
Archbishop Ilsley students enjoy a school life which is supported by prayer, worship, excellent chaplaincy provision, retreats and regular opportunities to participate in the celebration of the Eucharist. Chaplaincy is an important part of the life of our school. Our aim is that every single member of our school community has some involvement in Chaplaincy throughout their time at school.

Ways in which staff and students are involved:
  • Celebration of the Eucharist – The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass and Benediction
  • Tutor Prayer
  • Assemblies and Liturgical events e.g., Holy Week Stations of the Cross
  • Choir and Music
  • Curriculum
  • Armistice Day
  • Legion of Mary and the Rosary
  • Saint Vincent DePaul Youth group (starting September 2013)
  • Residential Retreats for year 8 and 10
  • Fundraising and Charity Work e.g., Christmas Hampers
  • Visiting the Chapel as part of lessons
Staff Chaplaincy Team:
  • Miss. M. Marconi (Technology)
  • Miss. C. Corke (Art)
  • Mr. M. Jones (Humanities)
  • Miss. R. Darcy (Technology)
  • Miss. J. Langston (Technology)
  • Miss. M. Foley (Religious Studies)
  • Miss. K. Echegarray (Religious Studies)
  • Mr. P. Gray (Religious Studies)
  • Mr. C. Crehan (Head of Year)
  • Mr. M. Casey (Science)
  • Miss. C. Roach (Science)
  • Miss. L. Mockler (Pastoral)
  • Mr. P. Godman (Music)
  • Miss. N. Stimpson (Music)
  • Miss. H. Haughton (Humanities)
  • Miss. M. Joyce (Assistant Headteacher)
  • Mr. J. EL’Habid (Assistant Headteacher)
Daily Events in the Chapel



















‘Laus Deo Semper.’
J. EL’Habid

Come and Pray the Rosary with Margaret and Sheila every Thursday in the Chapel during Key Stage 3 Lunch

Join the Youth SVP from September 2013