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Our Key Stage Three curriculum is of our own design but mapped out according to the 2012 Catholic Curriculum Directory alongside discussions with students, staff, parent and governors.

Students receive four hours of lesson over a two week timetable that encourage students to deepen their understanding of Catholicism, whilst also learning about other World Religions and considering the big philosophical questions in life.

Year 7: An INtroduction to Christianity

  • Autumn Term: Revelation & Creation
  • Spring Term: The Catholic Church
  • Summer Term: Monotheism: Islam & Judaism

Year 8: Key Themes in Christianity

  • Autum Term: Vocation & Monasticism
  • Spring Term: Contemporary Celebrations of Catholicism (The Paschal Triduum & Christianity in film)
  • Summer Term: Indian Sub-Continent Religions: Buddhism, HInduism and Sikhism

Year 9: Philosophical & Theological Issues with Catholicism

  • Autumn Term: The Big Questions in Life (Philosophical & Ethical Issues in Religion)
  • Spring Term: Theological Issues (The person of Jesus Christ and Dogmatic beliefs)
  • Summer Term: Marriage and Family Life (First Term of of GCSE RS)