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All students study for a full GCSE in Religious Studies in five lessons per fortnight. Students study two short courses, both of which are examined at the end of year 11.

All of year 11 are studying Edexcel Unit 3: Catholic Christianity having already completed Unit 8: Religion and Society in year 10. However, there is a change in year 10 with A band students studying Edexcel Unit 3: Catholic Christianity and Unit 8: religion and Society. B band students study WJEC Roman Catholicism 1 and 2. The modules for the courses are interspersed so to aid revision and help synoptic links. The rationale for the different courses available is to all students to their potential and achieve the best GCSE grade they can. The courses are similar in content so there is not easier route, but the style of examination suits the different students better than a one sizes fits all approach.

Edexcel GCSE Unit 8 Religion and Society - Christianity with one other world religion (Usually Islam or Hinduism).


  • Rights & Responsibilitities
  • Enviromental & Medical Issues
  • Peace & Conflict
  • Crime & Punishment


Edexcel GCSE Unit 3 Religion and Life - Catholic Christianity. This is based on the study of Catholic Christianity and one other Christian Denomination.


  • Belief in God
  • Matters of Life and Death
  • Marriage and Family Life
  • Religion and Community Cohesion


WJEC GCSE (Specification A) Roman Catholicism 1 and 2

Modules (this is the order it is taught, nor the module heading given by the exam board):

  • Marriage
  • The Life of Jesus and The Virgin Mary
  • The Nature of God and Belief in God
  • Catholic Worship
  • Making a Moral Decision
  • What makes us human?
  • Global Citizenship
  • War, Peace & Crime


What do students say about Religious Studies?

"The teachers are easy to talk to if you have a problem"

"We can share opinions freely"

"Topics are interesting"

"My teacher makes the lessons fun"

"The subject is taught well by all teachers"

"I like the bond between pupils and teachers"

"Teachers are lovely... they go out of their way to help you"

"I can receive help when I need it as the teachers want us to do our best"

"I've really enjoyed RS this year because of the class and the atmosphere"