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Religious Studies

Under the patronage of Our Lady, the Department of Religious Studies and Philosophy aims to fulfil the School’s central message of developing the whole person, making each of our pupil’s more human each and every day. Religious Studies, in the unique position of being at the heart of the school curriculum, aims to do this by cultivating, nurturing and growing our pupils spiritually, academically, and personally.

Religious Studies is taught to every pupil in the school from years 7-13 by a dedicated team of nine staff. Each pupil is encouraged to fulfil their potential with an emphasis on effort, resilience and creativity as the key to success. Those students who show these attributes are rewarded with the Theologian of the Week award or the Philosopher of the Term Award.

Our key stage three curriculum and choices of GCSE and A level syllabi have been carefully chosen and developed to encourage each pupil to have a love of the subject and of learning. The subject is taught with academic rigour; focusing on theological and philosophical thinking.

Alongside learning about all World Faiths, pupils are encouraged to learn from religion in an experiential manner, whether in the classroom or on visits. Students are actively encouraged to question not only their own beliefs but also those posed to them in order to fully appreciate the complexities of life, belief and the divine, and in doing so, deepen their understanding, and by extension, their faith in God.

Religious Studies should however also go beyond the realms of a mainstream subject and encourage each of our pupils, whether Catholic or not, to consider there own spirituality and deepen their knowledge, understanding and experience of Christ. As such, the department works very closely with Senior Management and the Chaplaincy Team to develop opportunities that will enrich the experience of our pupil’s whilst under the care of Edward Ilsley.