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AQA GCSE Science A 4405 and GCSE Additional Science 4408

Pupils will follow two examination courses in Science A and Additional Science. Each is a separate GCSE. In the Science A course you will study a mixture of Biology, Chemistry and Physics.

The Science A is a linear course so will be examined at the end of Year 10 (75% of the final GCSE grade).

The Additional Science is also an equal mix of Biology Chemistry and Physics and is also a linear course and is examined at the end of Year 11 (75%). There will be three modules taught in each year. As well as this, in both Year 10 and 11 you will have a number of practical skills to develop in which you will be assessed in your ability to carry out, analyze and evaluate a scientific investigation. This assessment is worth 25% of each of the GCSEs. 

This course will suit those pupils who whish to pursue an academic career path through to A levels and University or College. 


AQA GCSE Biology 4401, GCSE Chemistry 4402, GCSE Physics 4403

GCSEs in the three Separate Sciences. 

There will be an option of the most able students sitting the three separate sciences. This will use up one of their options, so it is suitable for those pupils who have a strong interest in science and expect to be working at level 6 or higher at the end of their Key Stage 3 course. 

Each science (Biology, Chemistry, Physics) is taught separately and consists of thee units assessed by exams (75%) and one internal practical assessment (25%). The course is now a linear course so all examinations are sat at the end of year 11. So over the two years you will achieve three GCSE grades.

This course would be excellent preparation for those pupils who may wish to study any of the sciences at A level.


BTEC First Awards in Applied Science (Principles of Applied Science and Application of Science)

We also offer an alternative course which has fewer exams. 

If you do this ‘Applied Science’ course you will be assessed by a portfolio of work that you will assemble (75% of the final grade). One unit will be assessed by examination (25% of the final award). The portfolio is quite a substantial amount of work so the ‘BTEC Applied Science’ is not an easier option. However it will suit students who are better at completing assignments to deadlines but who do not perform as well in written examinations. 

A good attendance record is essential if you wish to do this course. The course is split into two one year courses each having the equivalence of one GCSE. Science will still have a practical aspect to it, so you can expect to do experiments as well as a variety of written tasks. 

In Key Stage 4 you will be able to develop your science skills through investigative work, research and data handling using your ICT skills. It is a “hands on” approach which will develop your skills as an independent learner. 


BTEC Level 3 Subsidiary Diploma in Applied Science 

Aims of the course
  • This is a work-related course where students carry out predominantly assignment based or practical work to produce their own portfolios. The Science department will provide you with a practical, challenging and interesting experience which will focus on all aspects of Science. 
  • The BTEC Level 3 subsidiary Diploma in Applied Science course aims to give you an exciting educational experience looking at a range of scientific disciplines.You will learn how to work safely in a laboratory, with a range of scientific equipment, chemicals and materials and how to interpret scientific data. In the second year there is an optional unit of forensic or Medical science.
In the first year, you will study: 
  • Scientific practical techniques
  • Fundamentals of Science
  • Criminology 
 In the second year, you will study
  • Collecting forensicEvidence and analysing it
  • Criminal Psychology
  • Working in the Science Industry 


  • Medical physics
  • Disease and infections
  • Physiology of the human body 
Entry requirements 
  • A good level of English and maths skills
  • A minimum grade B at GCSE or Merit at BTEC
  • An interest in Applied Science, Forensic Science and/or Medical science
  • Have met all entry requirements set by the sixth form