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Year 12 Key Dates

Year 12 Key Dates

Year 12 key dates:

Last day Friday 9th May (year 12 will be in lessons all day).

First exam – 12th May
Last exam - 10th June

Friday 13th June – in for a work experience session (no lessons)
WB – Monday 16th June – year 12 on work experience all week (no lessons)
WB – Monday 23rd June – Normal working week (Monday sports day/Friday inset)
WB – Monday 30th June - Where to Next week (no lessons) – UCAS prep and conference
WB – Monday 7th July – Normal working week – (9th is a spirituality day for year 12)

Last day for year 12 is Friday 11th July

Other key dates:

Year 12 Level 2 (one year springboard students) deadline is 30th June.

Level 2 students will not come back for lessons in the summer. Once they have completed and submitted all their work they will leave. All students that wish to return to complete A2 subjects in 2014/15 must attend for the summer period.