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How can you help your child?

  • Providing opportunities for your child to use English outside of school
  • Encourage them to meet with English speaking friends
  • Allow them to watch English TV
  • Encourage them to use recoomended English websites (see Useful Resources)
  • Support English learning in an informal way by allowing your child to participate in after school clubs
  • The EAL homework club is run by EAL staff and is a good source of books and resources for English practise.
  • It's important not to pressure your child into speaking English at home and maintaining your first language is very import.
  • Remember making mistakes is a natural part of language learning
  • Talk to your child about the subject they are learning in school in your first language.
  • ~Encourage your child to read at home, any appropriate reading materials can be proven to improve reading i.e magazines, comics, newspapers, etc.
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